imagesSandalwood (santalum collection) is a semi-parasitic plant, thus characteristic recovery is troublesome. “A sandalwood seedling, right from a little grow needs a host plant for compelling development. Like some other sapling, it requires the ideal blend of homestead yard excrement, sand and soil. In any case, we have to plant an essential host plant in a feet’s span. The most dreary work is the host plant administration as it commands if permitted to become higher than shoe.


Santalum Album Line (Sandalwood) is ordinarily known as Chandan or Srigandha. Normally developed shoe wood can be found in the conditions of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, U.P and Manipur. Chandan is an outstanding as East Indian wood and it is evaluated high for its oil and heart wood over the world. These woods are utilized as therapeutic operators on a substantial scale in the assembling of ayurvedic solutions.



1.Red sander

2.White sander

White sander is not a solitary types of trees that supports the sandalwood yet a few and it is not yet completely comprehended what the definite conditions are that permit the tree to flourish. White Sandalwood fragrance spreads all over with regards to concentrate oil from it. White sandalwood is by and large utilized for healthy skin. It is invested with germicide, calming, disinfectant, astringent and emollient properties. That is the reason, such a large number of individuals use sandalwood to treat skin inflammation, skin rashes, pimples, dim spots, imperfections and to get a reasonable and perfect appearance.

Red sandalwood is watched that the red sandalwood developed on the shale kind of subsoil. The adult red shoe trees are extremely tall, yet rare. That is on account of they need a few hundred years to develop thick. The red shoe wood goes up against a shade of purplish cocoa, and is dense to the point that any bit of it set in water will sink instantly. Eminent assortments of red shoes incorporate dairy animals hair shoes, chicken-blood shoes and sparkling star shoes. Sparkling star shoes are the most significant of a wide range of shoe woods. The sparkling stars really allude to the colloid crystallization of the wood filaments. Shoe wood is a thick timber which won’t be chewed by worms, however its shading will be influenced by daylight, so it ought to be put in a cool and dry spot.

Plantation time:August-March.

Plants maturity period:10-15 years.

Soil condition: 6.5 – 7.5, carbon must be >1.0 %

Plantation method:

>Study catalogs and references to find a species suitable for your location.

>Choose size of trees for transplanting.

>Plants the Sander plant.

>Don’t water after the first season unless there is a prolonged drought.
>Take care of plants properly.