sagwan-plant-500x500Teak wood known as lord of timber has a place with the family Verbenaceae.Scientific name is Tectona grandis. It develops as an immense tree and yields phenomenal quality wood.

The main objective of teak plantation establishment is to produce high quality timber in trees with good or acceptable growth rates. To achieve these objectives, the planting site must be suitable for the growth and development of teak.




Plantation time:March-October.

Soil condition: pH 6.5-7.5, carbon must be

Plants maturity period:10-12 years for tissue culture teak plants, 12-14 years for hybrid teak plants.

Plantation method:

>Study catalogs and references to find a species suitable for your location.

>Plant the teak.

>More water is not required after planting but proper water supply needed at the plantation time.


>Teak has a high oil content making it very weather resistant, therefore it offers good elasticity. This means it’s an ideal timber for garden furniture and boat decks, amongst other things. Another great benefit of Teak’s high oil content, is that it gives the wood a high resistance against insect infestation.

>It is a hard and heavy wood, with older teak trees supplying the best quality timber. However, Teak has a high silica content; making it renowned for blunting wood working tools!